Kick Start Khmer

Kick Start Khmer  is a  two week intensive course (25 hours) that will give you all the basics that you need to thrive during your time in Cambodia (whether you are a teacher at an international school for a year or two, just passing through for a few months, working on a short term contract for a local or international NGO or just develop some building blocks of Khmer).

Learn how to shop, get around the city, greetings, bartering and a lot of other basic skills, as well as learn about the “dos & don’ts” of the Khmer culture.   The cost is $45 registration fee (in advance to secure your place) and $105/person on the first day of class.    For registration or more information contact G2K at

Kick Start Khmer Start Dates:              July 25 –August 5, 2016
                                                                December 5 – 16, 2016
                                                                 January 23 – February 3, 2017
                                                                 May 29 – June 9, 2017
                                                                 July 17 – 28, 2017
                                                                 December 4 – 15, 2017

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