About G2K

G2K is for any adult Christian mission workers and other expat workers who have come to Cambodia to serve Cambodian people and communities. We have an intensive programme and a part-time programme. The school is registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Education and is the initiative of about 10 organisations looking for a Khmer language learning context that is able to equip its learners with high level language skills.

The intensive programme is for adults who have the time and resources to study full time. The course involves 15 hours of formal teaching a week, however we expect learners to be doing additional personal study outside of the classroom too. The course will take a learner from Novice to Advanced Low (according to ACTFL – American Council of Teaching of Foreign Languages) in 12 months.

The part-time programme follows the same G2K curriculum of the intensive programme but just takes longer to move through the levels. A part-time course involves 6 hours of instruction a week with additional personal study expected at home.



2 thoughts on “About G2K

  1. Please send me the info about the Buddhism special course
    starts on Nov. and the Literature of Khmer.
    I request fro the fee, course time & location as well
    as the outline of the course, thanks.


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