Full-tim, part-time, and Evening classes start on 27th September

G2K Khmer evening classes launching soon! 

G2K’s new Khmer evening classes are launching on 27/28 September – places are filling up very fast, so GET IN TOUCH NOW to book your place!

“Social Issues in Cambodia” also coming to evenings

This class is for advanced learners – Thursdays from 3rd October – 14 December (5:45 – 8:00 pm).

Our existing classes are still available, and the next Full-time and Part-time classes start on 27 September also.

www.gateway2khmer.com/ info@gateway2khmer.com/ 089 439 436

The story so far…

G2K has been open for nearly 4 months and it has been quite a journey!  After a lot of research we started to put the curriculum together. We recruited our teachers through workshops and were fortunate to take on some Khmer literature graduates. We spent 3 months last year training the teachers. The methodology here is based on teaching English as a foreign language. So, we’ve taken the techniques that have been working for years in teaching English and adopted them to teaching Khmer as a second language. It works! The teachers had practice classes initially and have been learning as they go with constant observation from our trainers. The school is growing in numbers as we add classes and the feedback is great.
We are about to train 5 more teachers too. It’s a fun place to work and learn.