2019 dates – Part-time and Evening

Part-time and Evening classes allow added flexibility, with students better able to balance work, family and any other commitments.

Teaching is generally 2 afternoons or evenings per week.

Each Level is 20 afternoons/ evenings over 10 weeks.


Part-time: 1.30pm – 5.00pm (Monday/ Wednesday OR Tuesday/ Thursday).

Evening: 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm (Monday/ Wednesday OR Tuesday/ Thursday).


2019 Key dates – Part-time & Evening [Download PDF]

2019 Calendar – Part-Time & Evening – Monday & Wednesday Classes [Download PDF]

2019 Calendar – Part-Time & Evening – Tuesday & Thursday Classes [Download PDF]


Classes: 17/ 18 September – 10 /11 December (days of week depend on Level of study)

Assessment Part-time: 12 / 16 December *

Assessment Evening: 14 December *


* Assessments are offered via a booking system on the dates listed, and students may choose a timeslot from those available.

7 thoughts on “2019 dates – Part-time and Evening

  1. Dear Jina,
    The part-time level 2 starts on 10th Jan 2017 from 1:30 – 5: 00 pm.
    As to the cost we charge on basis of $6 per hour, therefore for part-time costs $360 which is 60 classroom hours over 10 weeks (2 times/week x 3 hours).
    If you have learned some basics of Khmer language before, we would recommend you to do an assessment to see what level you are in and then we can put you on the appropriate level. Usually, we do the assessment on Friday at 3 pm that is the best time for us.

    Best wishes,
    G2K team.


    • Dear Susanna,

      We run part-time classes on Tuesday and Thursday or on Monday and Wednesday depending what level you are in. We do not have a part-time schedule on Thursday and Friday. Our class is a group learning not one by one. Are you completely beginner? If yes, you can join level 1 part-time starting on the 29th of June and it is on Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30 – 5:00 pm. If not, we would recommend you to do a placement test to see what level you are in and then we can put you in the appropriate level.
      For more information: Please email us at g2kenquiries@gmail.com


  2. Hello,
    My 2 friends are moving to Cambodia next month and would like to take a part time Khmer language class.
    They are absolute beginners. They would probably like to start sometime in December or January.
    What days of the week and what times of the day are available?
    Also, what is the cost per person? Thank you!


    • Hi Danielle,

      Apologies if you haven’t received a reply yet.

      Our next intake starts on 08 January 2018. Our Full-time, Part-time and Evening classes all start that week.

      It sounds like our Level 1 Part-time classes (Mon & Weds afternoons) or Evening classes (Mon & Weds evenings) might suit best.

      Could you please email info@gateway2khmer.com with more info about what your friends require, and we can send full information to you? It would be helpful if you could CC your friends so they receive our reply also.

      Thanks, G2K


  3. It is not clear when part time classes are held. Do you have evening classes or just afternoon? I am only available after 5:00


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