What is involved in studying at G2K?

The course focuses on speaking, listening, reading and writing in Khmer. There will be new grammar or vocabulary input every day followed by skills work. The programme is based on proficiency goals and will be assessment driven. The course is sequenced in such a way as to progress your language from survival level to advanced.

The course content relies heavily on Khmer contexts and situations. The teachers develop their own materials as well as use authentic reading and listening texts. We believe language and culture are inextricably linked and so we will have a cultural component as part of the the programme.

The culture units begin in level 3 where students are guided in ways to learn culture for themselves. We see culture learning as a life-long process but there are frameworks to help with this. In levels 3 and 4 we will teach you one framework. In levels 5 – 8 we will use texts and outside speakers to explore culture further.


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