Why Study at G2K?

At G2K you receive:

  • A quality purpose written curriculum based on the ACTFL scale and incorporating linguistic analysis of Khmer grammar;
  • Emphasis on pronunciation using a unique phonetic system;
  • Highly trained teachers with ongoing performance assessment and professional development;
  • Small classes with individual support
  • Regular homework tasks and sound files for practice
  • Highly experienced Director of Studies
  • Culture component embedded in the programme
  • Expert linguistic support from SIL

G2K is a ‘full package’ of learning – teaching, homework, assessments, and pronunciation sound files, and for many students there is no need for extra money spent on tutors.

2 thoughts on “Why Study at G2K?

  1. Hi, my wife and I would like to enrol for the full time course starting on Feb 15, 2018. We are coming to Cambodia to work with the Pioneers Australia mission agency. Can you please send information to enrol. Thanks.


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